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TereoPneuma is a privately held medical device company in San Diego, CA whose mission is to develop novel high technology products in the field of anesthesia.  TereoPneuma is Greek for “observe breathing”.  Its inaugural product, the patent pending ReDe Mask™, is a disposable, single use oxygen face mask and respiration monitor that simultaneously provides supplemental oxygen to patients while also detecting exhalation and displaying a visual signal of each exhalation.

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Our team consists of professionals who share a common goal of fostering a future generation of medical products. We are a family of like minded innovators, scientists, clinicians, engineers and experienced businessman focused on developing pragmatic products.


All medical, software and electronics design are performed in San Diego, CA, USA. Regulatory and engineering design are carried out in St. Louis, MO, USA. Video and graphics are developed in Bangalore, India. Sales and marketing is located in Eugene, OR.

The Team

William J. Mazzei, MD


Dr. Mazzei is Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice Chairman for Technology Development at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center. He received his SB in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and his MD from the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. After completing his anesthesia residency and fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital, he became Clinical Director of Anesthesiology at UCSD and focused his research and educational efforts in the areas of OR Management, Product Development, and Patient Safety. He is the inventor of the ProneView, a device used to protect the face of patients placed in the prone position for surgery, and the NuScope, a video-larygoscope. As Medical Director of Dupaco, Inc, he completed development of the ProneView and assisted in the marketing and sales of the device, now used in over 2000 hospitals in the US and over 200 hospitals in Europe, Japan, and Latin America. He is the first to conduct surface pressure measurements about the face in anesthetized patients, and co-founded the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors in 1987. Dr. Mazzei is internationally recognized as an expert in OR Management and medical device development.


Warren G. Young, PhD

President and COO

Dr. Young has more than twenty years of neuroscience imaging hardware, software development experience. He was previously the COO/CFO of Hypnoz Therapeutic Devices, Inc. in San Diego, CA, producing the JED™, a hands-free surgical instrument that maintains an open airway on sedated patients in the operating room.  He was also the CEO/COO of 3D Vision Systems, Inc. in San Diego, CA, producing the first digital 3D stereoscopic surgery workstation. He joined 3D Vision Systems in 2006 as the CTO and took over the executive position in 2007. Dr. Young is also co-founder of Neurome, Inc., a platform based drug discovery biotech company in La Jolla, CA with programs focused on neurodegenerative disorders. Dr. Young developed all of the imaging technology used in the discovery programs at Neurome. From 1999 to 2002, he served as the CTO and from 2002 to 2006, he served as the President and COO. Prior to those posts, Dr. Young was at The Scripps Research Institute as a faculty member in the Neuropharmacology Department and as the Director of Neuropharmacology Computing. In addition to more than 104 publications, Dr. Young is the immediate past Managing Editor of Brain Research and served on the NIMH SBIR and STTR scientific review committee. Dr. Young is also co-founder of No-Q Systems Pty Ltd, an early stage company developing innovative medical office software for clinical practice. Dr. Young holds a PhD in Neurosciences from UCSD.


Stephen W. Roberts, PhD

Director of Engineering

Dr. Roberts has been involved in the design and implementation of systems incorporating interdisciplinary technologies for over 25 years including data acquisition and control systems, sensors, software programming, analog signal conditioning, embedded microcontroller systems.  After completing his Ph.D. training at Duke University he spent a number of years in academic research, developing new instrumentation to address a variety of research questions. He then established his consulting business focused on computer- and microcontroller-based systems used to measure and characterize physical elements of the biological environment. His consulting work with the US Department of Agriculture over a 10-year period involved the design and execution of field experiments to better understand effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide on plant growth, development, and productivity. Dr. Roberts currently focuses on the design of intelligent medical devices.


Benjamin Young

Software Testing and Quality Control

During his studies at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Mr. Young balances his studies in computer science with his side pursuits in Game Development and eSports. He was also currently the lead producer for the video game development club at UCSD. As lead producer, he had extensive experience in both leading numerous teams during development as well as having hands-on coding and design experience with various different game technologies. In addition to his work within the computer science department and the video game development club, Mr. Young ran the UCSD eSports events for the past two years. Mr. Young is fluent in various coding languages spanning C based object oriented languages to functional languages to Real Basic. He has also developed for iOS and Android devices.


Mary Klemens

Quality Control and Accounting

Ms. Klemens received her BS degree in Chemistry from the Dickinson College. She has combined her knowledge of the sciences and business into a career helping small startups with accounting, investments, and business development. Most recently, Ms. Klemens has been managing research and development contracts from a large ophthalmic instruments company in Japan for clinical software applications.



Our mission is to develop novel high technology products in the field of anesthesia. We do this by understanding the field, the technology, and the users. Our purpose is to make medical products that save lives.